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Industry Insights

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: The Developing Necessity

Nearly 5.8 million Americans miss or delay their healthcare due to a lack of transportation, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. That is nearly 16,000 people per day in the
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Common Reasons For Needing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  Many people may be unaware that there is a service that is just for those in need of medical transportation.  Instead, they may pick up the phone to call
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Why Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is Exponentially Growing

Non-emergency medical transportation was once a small portion of healthcare. Just a kind of courtesy service for those who were in dire need. But as demand for healthcare of all
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Emergency Medical Transportation Service Vs. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service

Ambulance Service Vs. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service The main difference between ambulance services and non-emergency medical transportation is urgency. When you dial 911 and call for emergency help, an ambulance
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